Driving Decarbonisation: Sustainable Biofuels for a Net-Zero Future

Biofuels along with other net zero emissions measures will be important levers to pull as the world moves toward Decarbonisation goals by 2030.

We are a Biofuels supply chain management company, where in we collect, pre-treat and supply waste products such as Used Cooking Oil to be converted into low carbon Biofuels like Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and other HVO products.
We focus on Sustainable raw materials meeting strict guidelines as per ISCC and other similar Certification bodies.

 The Biofuels movement has gone global. The Drive to limit carbon emissions has urged governments and companies to deploy sustainable biofuels, while regulatory policies and tax incentives on biofuels is accelerating market demand. The food versus fuel debate has also been addressed by using only waste products such as used cooking oil and other residual oils from food waste streams.
We collect and operate pre- treatment facilities for these waste streams. We have long term agreements in place with producers who convert these oils to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and other biofuels. We collect these finished products and supply it to the end users like airlines and shipping companies through distribution networks.


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